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iPad2 vs laptop. What is the best choice?

The release of the new iPad2 has made many people wonder if a laptop or an iPad, is the best choice for their needs. An iPad, can generally be used as an e-reader, a gaming device, a digital photo frame or an iPod. In fact, the iPad, between a smartphone and a laptop. On the other hand, a laptop will give you all the benefits of a desktop to enterprise, entertainment, games, networks, and many are more concerned. Laptops are actually portable computers.

Technical characteristics, productivity and performance
IPad, seems to be a great disadvantage as regards connection. It does not have a USB port, a slot for SD memory and an Ethernet port. It is only equipped with a 30-pin Apple port. The only way to connect other devices is via a PC or camera connector kit.

The technical characteristics of the iPad, 2 there are also specific: it has a 1 Ghz Apple processor, and Wi-Fi antenna with Bluetooth connection.
The maximum hard disk capacity currently available on the iPad, is 64 GB. New generation of portable computers have at least 200 GB.
Furthermore, the iPad, no flash, no webcam and limited Office applications. There are a few iPad, friendly video format, video viewing is limited. IPad, file sharing, and multitasking capacities have been criticised. Finally, the only easy game can easily be played on iPad,. For more demanding games, you must use a laptop or a PC.

Battery life
This is an important element to consider. The new iPad2 has a battery life of 10 hours (same as in iPad1) with a single charge. Only a few portable computers that Apple's own MacBooks can reach up to 10 hours of battery life. Most of the other laptops is limited to 3 hours only, not to mention that their chargers are heavier than the laptop.

Size and weight-portability
A notebook can weigh 6 on average 8 pounds while the iPad, is only approximately 1.5 pounds (iPad2 is only 1.3 pounds). IPad, also offers instant booting and loading, and no unpacking or packing a bag. Be careful, because it is made of glass and also need a protection.

OS and Apps
Portable computers can work with all operating systems. But the iPad, works only with a particular operating system, iPhone OS. This means that you can only use the programs from the App Store. The good news is that there are several apps for almost anything. If you do not want to use software from Apple store, you can create your own using a good software. You can also sell your apps through Apple store and make a profit from them.

Features and navigation
IPad, using touch screen as a unit, while a laptop using a mouse and a keyboard with which we are all familiar. There are certain advantages to using a touch screen. It can be adjusted easily and can also be used when there is no scope for a mouse. those who use touch screen mobile phones are already familiar with the benefits of this new technology.
Since there are no official instruction manual for the iPad, so you can use available iPad, video lessons will teach you both the simple and the hidden tricks of the iPad, Tablet PC

IPad, 2 costs between $ 499 and $ 699, around which are cheaper than an average laptop. But iPads are new gadgets and their price is expected to fall over the next few years in order to be competitive on the market.

Laptop or iPad,?
On a laptop or an iPad, depends on your needs and likes. The IPad, is portable, efficient and suitable for Web browsing, watching movies and reading e-books. You can also play light gaming.
If you want to work or play hardcore games are a notebook is the best choice for you.

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